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First Aid
for the Blind

First Aid for the Blind was created to give all blind and vision-impaired clients the opportunity to obtain necessary training and tools to develop independent living skills, as these resources might not be readily available elsewhere. The mission and purpose of the specialized FAFTB training is to replace
fear of the unknown future with feelings of hope and confidence.

Our Services

Our Training

The First Aid for the Blind training is designed for rapid deployment and allows for a concentrated curriculum. The training is not intended to be comprehensive in nature, but it is designed to offer some basic skills as soon as the need is identified. Here are a few of the benefits of our training program.

Timeliness and Efficiency

The training can be started quickly after a need arises, and the immersive portion of the curriculum can be completed in a single week.

Relevant and Informative

All 25 lessons focus on the most impactful topics. They are taught in a predetermined sequence to allow each lesson to build upon the last.

Skilled Trainers and Technology

Lessons are taught face-to-face via a virtual classroom and are led by a qualified trainer who uses pre-approved lessons to guide the discussion.

Training Buddy

The client is encouraged to take the training with a Training Buddy to increase comfortability and overall retention of the material.

Tools and Devices Included

The client will receive helpful devices that are valued at more than $800! The client will own these devices at the end of the training.

Review and Retention

Recordings of all of the lessons are captured on a flash drive, and the client can keep the flash drive to use for any needed review.

Are you ready to get started?

If you'd like to submit a referral for a client or patient, or if you'd like to sign yourself up for our training, please click the button to visit our brief intake form.

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