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First Aid for the Blind

The mission and purpose of First Aid to the Blind is to replace fear of the unknown future with feelings of hope and confidence. To do this, we offer a specialized training series that teaches critical life skills to those who have become blind or visually impaired. This training is at the core of our services.

Key Features of the FAFTB Training


  • Clients can expect one week of immersive and intensive led by an FAFTB trainer. The following three weeks will include check-ins to make sure the client is able to complete their tasks and to offer additional support that can reinforce the learning experience. Finally, there will be a review session at the end of the program.

  • The cost to the client may be as low as $0! An “Ability to Pay” formula will be utilized to determine the final cost for each client. Scholarship funds are often available. Clients who are not eligible for other funding sources will be given preferential access.

  • Clients can expect minimal wait times to start training. This can reduce anxiety or depression that can occur when working with with traditional rehabilitation centers with longer wait lists.

  • All lessons are taught face-to-face via a virtual classroom and are led by a qualified trainer. 

  • Each lesson is captured on a flash drive, and the client will keep the flash drive to use for any needed review.

  • Each of the 25 lessons that have been selected to focus on the most impactful topics. They are taught in a predetermined sequence so that later lessons can build upon earlier topics. Only the most relevant material is covered to maximize efficiency.

  • The client is encouraged to take the training with a Training Buddy to increase comfortability and support and improve overall retention of the material.

  • The client will receive helpful devices that are valued at more than $800! The client will own these devices at the end of the training.

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