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Testimonials for First Aid for the Blind

Ryan, Former Client

"The relatable aspect of it, for someone to go 'I understand how you feel' or 'I've dealt with this, I've dealt with that' is tremendous to me, and Brian definitely aligned well with that."



Valarie, Former Client

"The training was excellent....I felt overwhelmed at some points... [but Brian] was excellent at explaining. He was very patient. He took his time with me, and I really appreciate it."


Linda, Former Client

"I was very pleased. It answered a lot of questions. When we were talking about doing this, I was like, 'How can you possibly learn all this stuff in one week?' Well, just getting introduced to all the stuff that is out there, all that you can do, was enough. Now it's just wrapping my head around, 'What do I want to focus on first?'"


John, Former Client

"[Kurt] shared knowledge and experience. I appreciate it. I really have appreciated it immensely. I came to [FAFTB] lost.... My perspective, instead of being narrow, has widened, and my field of understanding or vision, however you want to look at it, is widening.... [Kurt is] someone who understands what a handicap is. I don’t interact with people who understand what the limitations are. [Kurt does, and he] had methods [to find solutions]."

Reesa, Former Training Buddy

"The meetings were timely, you stuck with the time slots, and the teachings were easy to understand…. To be honest, it’s been such a blessing with all the tools, we just had no idea. When we run into a problem, we say, 'You know what Kurt says: There are multiple solutions to a problem.'"

Joe, Former Client

"I appreciate [the training recordings], because I can go through everything again, it’s a refresher. You even learn as you listen again and do again."

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