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Meet Brian Clark, FAFTB Trainer

Image Description: A gray rectangle with an arrow points to Brian Clark's headshot, and a title in green letters reads "Meet Brian Clark, FAFTB Trainer."
Image Description: A gray rectangle with an arrow points to Brian Clark's headshot, and a title in green letters reads "Meet Brian Clark, FAFTB Trainer."

First Aid for the Bind is committed to hiring the best trainers to work with our clients. Brian Clark is a new member of our team, and he’s a pro in every way!

Brian completely lost his vision in 2014. He became determined to re-enter the workforce with the goal of making life better for those going through similar circumstances that he also faced when he lost his sight.

“The first two years were the worst for me,” he said. “It was literally like falling into a pit of darkness, physically, mentally, socially – everywhere. But it doesn’t have to feel like a prison. There is hope, and our goal is to get people started in the right direction to reduce the amount of time spent in that deep dark hole.”

Brian continued, saying, “The visually impaired can continue to live life to its fullest; we just do it in different ways. I have been so blessed to have met and learned so much from other blind individuals, and I hope to give back what was so freely shared with me.”

Brian has spent the last four years teaching assistive technology in a blind rehabilitation center in central Indiana. He believes that introduction to basic skills, especially in the areas of mobility and technology, is crucial for visually impaired individuals. Starting with basic life skills encourages further personal progression.

“We hope to develop the skills that lead to the confidence and independence that allow people to pursue the things that bring them joy,” he said.

Brian has a lifetime of technology experience, making him a perfect fit for FAFTB. He has worked as an IT manager for an accounting firm and handled content and editing responsibilities at various news organizations.

I have worked with computers in some sort or fashion my entire adult working life,” Brian said. “I have always had a fascination and affinity for technology. Now I get to explore all the aspects of assistive technology for the blind.”

Brian is also no stranger to working with students to help them learn assistive technology. He has helped many people over the years navigate their new realities with impaired vision.

“I hope more than anything to help those transitioning to a non-visual world lessen their worries, concerns, and fears,” said Brian. “I believe we can help reduce that period of hopelessness and despair that so many of us have felt. By quickly delivering instruction and sharing blind skills knowledge, I hope we can reduce that dark period, return confidence and independence, and help people find their new ‘normal’ as quickly as possible.”

As Brian would say, he is motivated to help people walk down the same road he has already traveled. If you or someone you know could use the expertise and guidance of Brian and FAFTB, please visit our website to fill out a simple intake form.


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