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AI Can Help People With Vision Loss – Here’s How

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Blog Header - Be My AI: The FAFTB Experience
Blog Header - Be My AI: The FAFTB Experience

Be My Eyes, a well-known app that offers support for blind and visually impaired individuals, has harnessed the power of AI to make everyday tasks even more manageable for those with limited sight.

You never know how effective a new tool will be, so FAFTB tested it out!

Brian, one of FAFTB’s trainers took a picture of the inside of his refrigerator. The app analyzed the picture for about 20 seconds and then proceeded to identify the foods in the fridge, complete with their brand names and locations. From top to bottom and left to right, the app could tell Brian where each item was, and even specify whether it was on a shelf or in a drawer.

Furthermore, Brian could ask additional questions for more information, like if there was anything behind the milk. He could also send the results via text or email, with the photo and the text results included.

Open fridge with stocked food; picture taken using BE My AI app.
Open fridge with stocked food; picture taken using BE My AI app.

The pros here at FAFTB find this advanced technology to be amazing!

You can use this AI feature to find things in your garage, choose a book or CD from a shelf, and so much more! The sky is the limit!

“We have all heard about how powerful artificial intelligence is and how useful it can be to the average person,” said Kurt Deichmann, FAFTB founder and CEO.

He continued, saying, “What happens in that projection if the person is blind or vision impaired? If the blind or vision-impaired person happens to be using the latest feature of the Apple IOS application called Be My Eyes it is a game changer! This new feature, just released to the public, can deliver astounding details about a picture taken within the app and then have it described to the user in the greatest amount of detail imaginable. Instead of the person seeing the image through their eyes, they can now get the same amount of detail delivered to their ears.”

To use the Be My AI feature, download the Be My Eyes app and toggle to the Be My AI button. Simply take a picture and let the app give you quick, useful results!

And, for those with Android devices, Be My AI will likely be available in the coming months.

Be My Eyes will continue having volunteers help those with vision impairment if needed. Learn more about their program at


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