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Seeing Stars: 3 Celebrities with Vision Loss

FAFTB Blog Header - 3 Celebrities With Vision Loss
FAFTB Blog Header - 3 Celebrities With Vision Loss

In a society obsessed with bodily perfectionism, it’s common for people to feel less than when they compare themselves to the stars of Hollywood. This is often true for people with handicaps or who are differently-abled, as there is little representation of these differences in the media.

But, celebrities really are just like the rest of us. They all face their own challenges, and for some of them, that includes vision loss and blindness.

Here are a few famous A-list celebs who work through their visual impairments.


The U2 singer always wears his signature colored sunglasses, but they are more than just a fashion statement. According to an article by The Guardian, Bono has had glaucoma for decades. The pressure in his eyes has made him sensitive to light. Hence, the sunglasses! Actor Johnny Depp, who also deals with vision loss, wears similar tinted prescription glasses.

Dame Judy Dench

Everyone loves this leading lady, but few know that she has been experiencing age-related vision loss for several years now. Dench has developed macular degeneration, being diagnosed in 2012. Macular degeneration is the most common cause of vision loss in the UK, according to an article by The Sunday Post. Dench has struggled to see words on paper, and she now relies on people who can read and run lines with her. “You know, you cope,” she said.

Andrea Bocelli

Many people know classical singer Andrea Bocelli is blind, but not everyone knows his story. According to Classical FM, Andrea was born with congenital glaucoma, and after many surgeries as a child, he had only 10 percent of his vision. Then, at the age of 12, he suffered a sports injury that took away the rest of his sight. He learned to read Braille and focus on his passions, such as piano.


It is the hope of FAFTB that normalizing and destigmatizing vision loss will help more people seek support. If are experiencing difficulty seeing, consult your physician. If you would like to join our life skills training for blind individuals, please fill out our simple intake form.


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