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Teachings and Technology: Working With the Best of the Best

Blog header reading Teachings and Technology: Working With the Best of the Best
Blog header reading Teachings and Technology: Working With the Best of the Best

When people need support and guidance, we believe they should have easy access to those things. We also believe they should have the best tools and resources at their disposal if they are expected to thrive.


That’s why First Aid for The Blind (FAFTB) only trains our clients with the “best of the best” in mind. Our lesson content is top-notch, as are the assistive technology devices that we provide to all those who work with us.


First, consider the curriculum. FAFTB has put together 25 individual lessons that are taught during one week of immersive training sessions, all held over a Zoom classroom. These “Top 25” lessons have been selected from a pool of more than 1,000 potential teachable topics. 


“These select lessons are considered to be the most foundational, essential lessons that every blind or vision-impaired person needs to live a robust life while coping with their vision loss,” said Kurt Deichmann, FAFTB founder and CEO.


FAFTB is committed to maintaining an updated curriculum to best serve our clients. Our lessons are constantly appraised to take into account any new improvements. Some lessons are swapped out entirely because better material has been developed. In fact, several improvements to our “Top 25” lesson plan have already been implemented within our first year!


FAFTB also provides clients with an assortment of assistive devices to help them navigate their environment in new and effective ways. These products are regularly assessed to make sure they are the best tools on the market.


“The equipment that we provide to our clients is hand-picked by knowledgeable experts,” said Kurt. “These tools are considered to be the best solutions for use in conjunction with the FAFTB curriculum.”


Clients receive their tech tools before the start of their lessons so that they can follow along with the lessons in real time, gaining valuable hands-on practice under the guidance of a skilled facilitator.


Two items that FAFTB considers to be vital for a visually impaired person are the Apple iPhone and Amazon Echo devices. These two products, along with the coordinating lessons, are by far the most important parts of the training provided by FAFTB. Other products that clients receive include a Talking Book player, a flash drive with all of the recorded lessons, and much more.


FAFTB staff hold themselves to high standards and are excited by opportunities to change, grow, and improve to better meet the needs of our clients. If you have any suggestions for our team, please reach out to us at


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